Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting Drug War slide show:

Police Informants need not obey any laws
Todd Vashon, under oath tells how he doesn't need a driver's license, insurance, legal vehicle, or license plates to drive on Connecticut roads. Police allow police informants to break the law. Police pay informants with tax dollars to break the law.

Drugs can be planted on citizens to facilitate false arrests. Citizens that complain about lack of police protection and service, or that lodge police misconduct complaints can be beaten up, set up, and terrorized out of town or the state by police informants.

* * * *

Todd Vashon was paid $10,000 to kill Stephen Murzin and Phil Inkel. Vashon got scared and ratted out the cops who paid him to commit murder. [video deposition]

David J. Taylor stabbed Stephen Murzin 13 times, also stabbing 2 other individuals. A Connecticut Judge found no reason to violate the felon, Taylor, on probation for attempted murder. Murzin was arrested in the hospital for causing a disturbance while being stabbed when he woke up alive. [click here for documents and more]

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