Saturday, October 13, 2007

17 y/o Ian Murzin choked to death by CT State Trooper, revived, and never the same

Ian Murzin at 17 back in 1994

17 y/o Ian Murzin was allegedly choked to death by Connecticut while in Connecticut State Police, arrested in retaliation for his brother Stephen Murzin for having made a police misconduct complaint.

Stephen Murzin talks about the incident back in 1994, where I, Steven G. Erickson, interview Stephen Murzin about the incident, Oct. 10, 2007.

[click here] for Stephen Murzin's more complete recall of the incidents of where he and his brother were beaten by Colchester Connecticut Police Officers and by Connecticut State Police.

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[click here] for evidence that a felon on probation, David J. Taylor, got away with stabbing Stephen Murzin 13 times, and stabbing 2 others, and wasn't even violated on probation. Stephen Murzin was arrested in the hospital by police when he woke up from having been stabbed 13 times!

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