Monday, October 29, 2007

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To: Connecticut Governor Rell and to whom it may concern

I refused to continue dating Barbara Sattal, Connecticut State Police operative. She told me that she could either have the Connecticut State Police help me with my rental properties with the protection and service I needed to survive, or if I didn't continue dating her that the police would enforce a "no dating" policy, I would lose my property, and would really suffer at the hands of the Connecticut State Police.

I did, two officers committed perjury to get me railroaded to prison. Connecticut State Police Officers were following me around, threatening me, and encouraging citizens to break the law to terrorize me out of my home and out of Connecticut.

I have lost contact with my daughter with whom I was always close to. It has been 5 years that I have had trouble getting any kind of decent employment, have been homeless, and have been suffering and been estranged from my family ever since.

I wish to work as a first responder in California for the victims of the fires. I can't with a bogus criminal record. The police in Connecticut don't right wrongs for citizens, if a citizen has complained about police or judges in Connecticut. The Judiciary in Connecticut is fixed to prevent citizens from getting justice when police, the courts and the State of Connecticut could be liable to pay civil damages.

I don't think I should be serving a life sentence for rejecting a police operative romantically. I would have $500,000 in Connecticut real estate, my home, small business, retirement, credit, good relations with my family, a decent vehicle, health insurance, a family, and would not worry about freezing to death out exposed in the cold, had I continued to date Barbara Sattal or gave her incentives to break up with me.

I don't want to get falsely arrested again or suffer more retaliation just trying to get justice which isn't possible in Connecticut courts. Police in Connecticut have gotten no jail time or been arrested when they pay informants to kill or beat up citizens that have made police misconduct complaints in Connecticut. I fear further retaliation. Please help me expunge my bogus criminal record so I can leave the area and go on with my life, while also helping victims of natural disasters.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd #156
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Saturday, October 13, 2007

17 y/o Ian Murzin choked to death by CT State Trooper, revived, and never the same

Ian Murzin at 17 back in 1994

17 y/o Ian Murzin was allegedly choked to death by Connecticut while in Connecticut State Police, arrested in retaliation for his brother Stephen Murzin for having made a police misconduct complaint.

Stephen Murzin talks about the incident back in 1994, where I, Steven G. Erickson, interview Stephen Murzin about the incident, Oct. 10, 2007.

[click here] for Stephen Murzin's more complete recall of the incidents of where he and his brother were beaten by Colchester Connecticut Police Officers and by Connecticut State Police.

[click here] for a list of all my videos.

[click here] for evidence that a felon on probation, David J. Taylor, got away with stabbing Stephen Murzin 13 times, and stabbing 2 others, and wasn't even violated on probation. Stephen Murzin was arrested in the hospital by police when he woke up from having been stabbed 13 times!

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[click here] for my letter to the Washington, D.C., FBI

Should Judges ignore illegal behavior of other judges?

Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

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Are judges guilty of felonies if they obstruct justice and don't turn in information in on other judges that have committed crimes?

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[click here] for my yet unanswered letter to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

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[click here] for my 9-15-01 letter to President George W. Bush

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State Police Begin New Internal Probe

By TRACY GORDON FOX | Courant Staff Writer
July 18, 2007

State police have begun an internal affairs investigation into a racially offensive video and still photograph that were e-mailed several months ago among troopers assigned to the state police forensic laboratory, including to its commander.

One e-mail shows a still photograph of a black man lying on the street surrounded by watermelon rinds and chicken bones. The headline on the e-mail read "fatal overdose?" Another e-mail had a video attachment of a tow-headed white girl with a lisp, who sat at her kitchen table in a yellow shirt and spewed hateful racial slurs with the encouragement of two adults. The subject line simply says: "Little girl with a speech problem." [more]

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[click here] for my open letter to Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

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"In the Interest of Justice", The Documentary Series

Francis C.P. Knize is a renowned documentary producer. I am the co-producer and cameraman #2. We plan on exposing injustice in the court system nationally and to see that legislation is passed for judicial accountability. As it is now judges aren't following rules and decide cases as they please. This undermines all that our forefathers intended. By clicking the button below, you would be donating $5. Please donate $5, and we'll continue doing what we are doing, exposing injustice, but in a professionally edited and crafted documentary. The $5 donation will go into Francis C.P. Knize's account for our documentary. We have been in contact with Court TV and other networks. It is up to you to help us get something into production. We are creating real changes in real time, please donate by clicking on button below.

Here is an example [click here] of Francis' editing, soundtrack, and special effects work meant to show the possible range in an upcoming documentary on what is wrong with the court system in the US and what experts suggest to do to remedy the situation.

Here is some of our raw footage [click here] that we filmed in the last 2 weeks in Brooklyn, New York, at a national hearing debating whether judges should be judging judges.

Update February 13, 2012:

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