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Racist Connecticut State Police?

Racist E-mail At CT State Police

Posted by Mark Davis on Jul 19th, 2007 at 10:36:43 pm
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By now you have heard about the racist images apparently sent around to and by some members of the Connecticut State Police. The Public Safety Commissioner has ordered an Internal Affairs investigation. That division recently had to be completely revamped because of a scandal revealed in a report prepared by the New York State Police.

The e-mails surfaced this week and seemed to re-inforce the allegations of racism by Connecticut State Police Sgt. Andrew Crumbie of West Hartford. Crumbie says he doesn't believe all those on the e-mail list of this stuff is a racist...but that it shows the casual attitude about this type of crude, insensitive behavior.

The Connecticut Confrence of Chapters of N.A.A.C.P. now have called for a U. S. Justice Department investigation into allegations of racism in the State Police. Crumbie is just one of about six African-American members of the department who have made some sort of complaint about racism.

At the State Police Trooper graduation ceremony at the University of Connecticut today, it was hard not to notice that of the 60 new troopers..just one appeared to be a person of color...a couple were Hispanic and a couple were Asian.

The official spokesman for the Connecticut State Police continues to stress that the controversial e-mails were posted from personal computers and not on state time. An attorney for the the N.A.A.C.P. says there is reason to believe that is not the case and has asked for records of all e-mails of all State Police personel involved.

Does it really matter? Or do you believe that personal e-mail should be off limits....even if it is hateful, hurtful, and may show a bias to a segement of the population?


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