Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Connecticut Secret Police Surveillance

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Big Brother Comes to Stamford, Connecticut

Seven years after passing one of the most pro-privacy ordinances in the USA, the Public Safety and Health Committee spearheaded by Chair ... all » Richard Lyons, wants to overturn the hard fought protection by locating secret police surveillance cameras near schools, housing authorities and in minority neighborhoods. December 19, 2006, Public Safety and Health Committee public hearing, Stamford, CT Board of Representatives (aka City Council). 1. PS27.012 PROPOSED ORDINANCE; for public hearing & final adoption; amending Chapter 7 (CCTV Cameras) of the Code of Ordinances to authorize expanded use of CCTV Cameras. Full text found at http://www.boardofreps.org/Committees/publicsafety/2006/items/ps27012.doc Members of Public Safety & Health Committee (11 members)

Richard Lyons II, Chair Terry Adams Maria Aposporos Philip Berns Joseph Coppola, Jr. Gloria G. DePina Mark Larobina Cynthia Martin Scott Mirkin Jerry Pia John R. Zelinsky, Jr

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Police trolling blogs to put citizens on their "Secret Enemies List" for false arrest, so they may be held in Connecticut jails as political prisoners.

The lies from the police regarding Ken Krayeske arrest

Here's video footage of Commissioner of the Departmkent of Public Safety, Leonard Boyle, and Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts lying about the events surrounding the arrest of freelance journalist/blogger Ken Krayeske

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Ken Krayeske rally news coverage

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