Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It is time to start busting judges for theft

When judges don't work the hours they are being paid for by taxpayers it is theft.

Police Officers can be charged with felony theft just for using the gas to go home at lunch time. It is time to bust Judges for felony thefts. Judges are wrecking America. Prosecutors and police can do as these please under corrupt judges that usually aren't punished or removed, no matter what. Qualified Immunity needs to be abolished. Defense lawyers that defend their clients against the wishes of judges get disbarred, face arrests, financial ruin, divorce, and in some cases prison.

2 Judges get suspended without pay for fleecing taxpayers. Hit click "watch this report" for this I-team undercover investigation in Massachusetts which might, hopefully, become a national trend to keep judges in line. [more]

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