Thursday, February 15, 2007

Subject : Legislating ethics and the US Constitution into Connecticut

February 15, 2007
To whom it may concern on the Connecticut Government Administration and Elections Committee:

Many citizens in Connecticut have no options of fair and open access in courts or to have adequate access to their elected officials to redress grievances. Undo influence and a violation of separation of powers is present in all 3 branches of Connecticut government.

Practicing lawyers have loyalty to each other, police, prosecutors, and judges before any of their constituents. A lawyer’s bottomline can be bolstered by what legislation is passed and what taxpayer money is to be appropriated. This is sleazy and unethical that a lawyer can double dip while under the wing of the Judiciary and then pretend to care about citizens and their problems while collecting another paycheck, paying themselves in all the bennies and perks possible. Lawyers should not be able to legislate themselves and their cronies in the Judiciary riches and immunity, violating ethics and the electorate they so poorly serve.

Your committee looks into Constitutional issues that can be passed onto the Federal level. I am asking for that to be done.

There is massive defrauding of taxpayers, abuse of families and children, official racketeering, profiteering, obstruction of justice, perjury, gross police prosecutorial, judicial, attorney, and official misconduct, rigging of courts, jury tampering, manufacturing and suppressing of evidence, official kidnapping, and the holding of political prisoners in Connecticut prisons.

Cameras in the courts, in interrogation rooms, in judge’s chambers, in prosecutor’s conference rooms, and facing in police cruisers with audio will reduce rape, murder, thefts, vandalism, contributing to the delinquency of minors, drug and alcohol abuse, blight, official corruption, inefficiency, nepotism, bribery, mayhem, blight, defrauding of taxpayers, judicial and police abuse of citizens, and a whole grocery list of social ills.

Retaliation against concerned and vocal citizens that want honest government and services for their hard earned tax dollars would not be so prevalent if there were sentencing impact statements available to juries. What impact would a guilty plea or judgment have on a family, the defendant(s), and society. Prison terms would not then be handed out like candy to poorer whites and minorities. After 9-11, even potential dates are doing complete background checks as part of an inexpensive online subscription. Those wrongly prosecuted can never find decent housing or employment for life. This breaks up families, harms children, and devastates the national economy. Please legislate us out of a Police State.

[click here] for Francis Knize’s proposed legislation to address some of these problems.

I built up a small business over 2 decades, worked 7 day weeks until exhausted for decades to buy boarded up rental properties for my retirement.

I spend 100's of thousands of dollars and beat my body to a pulp over years making affordable palaces and as a reward was railroaded to prison. I didn’t realize that giving comfort to Connecticut’s unwanted, possibly minorities and poorer whites was a secret violation of Connecticut’s enforced and unwritten policy of separate and unequal, the modern, Jim Crow.

I expected to get a civic award for beautifying properties, in working to get police Federal Grants, and also get federal money, the Small Cities program to beautify downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

I asked selectman John Julian of Stafford Spring, Connecticut, for help with the crack cocaine and heroin dealers that were taking over the neighborhood and vandalizing my property. Julian told me that Stafford Springs was “White Only” and I better not rent to any [racial slurs snipped] and that I better sell my properties at a loss to someone more important, one of his friends, “Or else”. I later found out drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, and common criminal parasites are police tools for collecting revenue, confiscating property and assets, and to eliminate business competition of those that have Town Hall royalty status.

I talked with police asking if I could be of assistance in helping them clean up the neighborhood of vandals. I was told if I insisted on youth crime and drug issues being dealt with by police in a “Crime Area” I would be arrested and run out of Connecticut. I went to Sen. Tony Guglielmo and former State Representative Mordasky and proposed legislation, Civilian Oversight of Police and wrote letters to the editor printed in the Journal Inquirer Connecticut newspaper.

Connecticut State Police Officers followed me around, harassed me, stalked me, and threatened me with arrest and worse if I did not shut my mouth and leave Connecticut. Rep. Mordasky’s aid told me the legislative aid from the Connecticut State Police told her that I was going to be severely retaliated against for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. I called then Governor Rowland’s office complaining about the police misconduct. I believe proposing legislation that police don’t like, lodging complaints, and writing things in newspapers that police and members of the judiciary don’t like will put you on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. You get arrested and go to prison to be held as a political prisoner.

Connecticut courts are currently rigged against whistleblowers, complainers, poorer whites, and minorities. The Connecticut Judiciary can’t even abide by Federal ADA laws for almost 2 decades!

The Prosecutorial, Attorney, Judicial, Police, and Official misconduct in my case made me lose my home, investment properties, dog, health insurance, small business built up over 2 decades, retirement, family unity and contact with my national honor society daughter, retirement, credit, and ability to get a job, have a decent place to live in my name, and have completely ruined my life, for life.

I have been homeless and not waking up in the morning is possible living in a car in freezing temperatures.

Chris Kennedy, also a law abiding, tax paying, honorable citizen complained to the Governor’s office about Connecticut State Police misconduct and the shenanigan of Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan. Kennedy had proof that Kaplan and a prosecutor had broken laws. Kennedy then faced a $500,000 bond and decades in prison on bogus charges.

Phil Inkel lodged a police misconduct complaint. Officers paid a police informant to kill Phil and were not prosecuted. [click for proof]

Steven Murzin was stabbed 13 times by a felon on probation, a police informant. 2 others were also stabbed in the melee. A judge didn’t even violate the felon on probation for 3 counts of attempted murder. [click for proof]

I think a special vote should be taken on identifying and helping victims of Connecticut DCF, Police, and Judicial misconduct. I think legislators should consider Francis Knize’s legislative proposals on Judicial Reform [click here] and abolishing Judicial Immunity. Lawyers should either give up practice or not be elected officials and adopt rules and ethics that are now on the Federal level for elected officials. Judicial impact statements would have prevented me from being railroaded to prison, wrongly being labeled a criminal for being beaten up on my own property by a police informant, and me and my family suffering for life.

There are too many victims. It is costing taxpayers too much. The abuse has gone on too long.

Please act for the people. Please do something and don’t listen to lawyers, like pedophile priests, can’t police their own flock.

Ethics in Connecticut could only be a legislative special investigation and vote away.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for more information

I am posting this open email to you on the Internet [click here for blog]

[click here] for videos including the one involving Ritt Goldstein who along with former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and fairness in the Courts to the legislative body. Ritt was so terrorized by police in Connecticut he fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden.

[click here] for my testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee and more on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List"

[click here] for pictures and post regarding ethics of the new leadership of the Connecticut State Police, Col. Davoren.

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