Monday, February 19, 2007

The "Paid Liars" Circle F---

Cops have their own gangs in Connecticut

Youths and teens are actively recruited to belong to the Police Officer “Informant Gangs”.

There is no getting out, you can only be kicked out or killed. Anyone can be terrorized out of their home, business, job, romantic interests, and into cooperating with corrupt authorities. Gang members are sent out to beat each other, or worse, at the orders of the mini-Dons, Connecticut State Police Officers.

Kidnapping kids is a State’s business. A State gets Federal Tax Dollars to do this. A state that has no real production, has to adapt to keep the money flowing. Drugs, gambling, prostitution, and all traditional “mob” activities are now part of “state” activities.

Women estranged from their Greenwich Connecticut Blue Blood Elitist husbands, beaten and terrorized by Mafia thugs, should not have to go to the local Drug Lord that tells them which FBI or US Attorney to go to, to actually get results. Reality is just plain sick. What is going on with the Stamford Connecticut PD and the Connecticut State Police in Meriden in the collusion of Police with drug lords, Organized Crime, and members of the Judiciary should be the make believe text of a "Sopranos" like screenplay or series, not reality.

You need those that can make false allegations to make things happen like clockwork in Connecticut's Culture of Corruption. Drug dealing, having a business, dating, getting married, owning a home might all be up to your local cop.

Being beaten or killed is literally in the hands of police as there is little to no accountability for "informant money" to pay informants. Judges give informants that actually get caught beating citizens on behalf of the police. A felon police informant on probation that nearly killed 3 people, stabbing one, 13 times, wasn't even violated on probation.

Lawyers often already know the outcomes of court cases. It is already decided beforehand how the “Horse and Pony” show will play out.

Judges take bribes in the forms of work being done on their houses, such as wall covering installation. Anything big or small will do. Favors are sometimes just owed and collected without even making direct reference to the exchanges.

Reigning lawyers in to actually serve their clients in an ethical and efficient way would help cure corruption in a State such as Connecticut. Legislators take note and please call for a special vote after a "Special Legislative Session Investigation of Police, Judiciary, and Attorney ethics and oversight procedures."

Elected officials need to be "unfeared" and "unmolested" by special interest groups such as the Police Unions and the "Legal Mafia" made of lawyers and judges. There needs to be separation of powers. The only difference in the free for all in the Culture of Corruption, Connecticut, is to not have elected officials ALSO practice law being paid from two branches, double dipping.

Liaisons from the police unions should not tell legislators what they can or can't do. Police should not legislate through threat and intimidation and in falsely arresting those that disagree with them using their "Secret Enemies List" to railroad citizens to be held as political prisoners. Judges should not interpret and enforce laws as they please, they are then legislating from the bench. Chief Justice William Sullivan has raped the Connecticut and US Constitutions and needs to be treated accordingly.

If a citizen complains to the Governor's staff about Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Judicial Misconduct, that citizen's name is given to the head of the Connecticut State Police. That citizen is then arrested and then faces prison or is imprisoned. It happened to me and is happening to Chris Kennedy and others.

If a citizens proposes laws to make the courts publicly accessible and fair and/or proposes Civilian Oversight of Police should the Connecticut State Police be able to follow that citizen around, threaten him or her with arrest if they do not shut up and leave the state, make them lose their children, home, job, friends, and the sum total of their life's work for them ever to get decent housing or employment, EVER AGAIN FOR LIFE!!!???

Lawyers should not legislate themselves riches without any accountability or oversight. Lawyers should not have their own “Mafia” at our expense.


Lawyers have their own Mafia and protect one another

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