Friday, February 2, 2007

Judicial Impeachment

Justices pick apart laws passed by legislators and Justices aren't elected.

Justices should be able to be subpoenaed by legislators to appear to testify at legislative sessions in the Congress and US Senate, not just for impeachment proceedings. There should be similar laws for states to abolish Judicial Immunity. Judges aren't elected and wreck a Representative form of Government if they are immune from prosecution. Legislators should use their Judicial Impeachment powers far more often. We the People want our country back. Judges need to be "Americanized" in America. [click here for Francis Knize proposed Federal Bill, the state version, to remedy the problem]

Lawyers that are also elected officials skew the system. They are cheerleaders and are being paid under the wing of the Judicial Branch. There is supposed to separation of powers so it is Unconstitutional for practicing attorneys from also holding elected offices within the Legislative Branch. Practicing Attorneys know if they exercise their Free Speech rights and are critical of judges they can be disbarred, arrested, held in contempt of court, jailed, and maybe never work again. Ask former Connecticut Attorney James "Jim" Brewer about how he actually defended his clients against the wishes of corrupt Connecticut Judges and Prosecutors. He defended good cops against bad ones. Jim got barbecued "officially"

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

My email:

Note: if any of you have complaints regarding Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court, I would like to talk to you about joining me in an effort to proposition the legislative body in Connecticut to impeach Kaplan.

Judicial Abuse

Judges have more power to abuse more people and decide more financial issues than did Kings in Medieval times.

Kings have no oversight, and neither do modern judges in America. They can do as they please. We do not have a representative government in America if Judges are not accountable for their actions.

If a doctor cuts off the wrong leg on a patient he or she could face criminal and civil penalties.

If a citizens steals a candy bar from a candy store. It could technically land the citizen in jail.

Judge do the equivalent of cutting off massive amounts of legs, poking out eyes, and causing mass mayhem.

I would have rather had Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan Kaplan use a dirty saw and cut off my leg without anesthesia than to have what he did to me in retaliation for having him removed for bias in civil cases, for what I wrote in newspapers critical of police and the Connecticut Judiciary, for wanting to sue the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights, and for proposing legislation to elected officials such as fairness in the courts and Civilian Oversight of Police.

I ask Connecticut Governor Rell if she is part of the solution or part of the problem. Click Here for my email to her.

Should citizens that are victims of official corruption have their bogus criminal records expunged and should they be compensated? Click Here for more.

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