Monday, February 26, 2007

Entertainment Industry Boycott of Connecticut

I think there are many actors would make a good Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland character portrayed in a movie. Rowland resigned in disgrace for taking bribes and for other illegal behavior. An actor's talents in portrayals could range to lovable to scoundrel to “Organized Crime Butt Polisher” and make Rowland’s complex and multi-textured character come to life, only a skilled actor would be up to the challenge. Rowland is known as “Johnny” to both Presidents, Bush. America needs a series of “Wake Up” movies to bring back the Constitution and fairness in the whole country.

I plan on getting attention to my screenplays about Connecticut corruption to be made into movies by even wearing a sandwich sign around me with my web address, in white underwear, wearing high heels in front of movie producer hubs if I have to. I probably won't go that far ...

I wish to get celebrities to see what is going on in Connecticut and to boycott Connecticut for making movies or any other entertainment form until Official Connecticut starts respecting Free Speech, Citizen’s Constitutional Rights, and quits harming children and families to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else.

I am in contact with various low and higher level media people in New York City and other parts of the country and I want to portray the State of Fear and human misery caused by Official, Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Attorney Misconduct. States should not be about abuse and Organized Crime running rampant. Corruption does not foster faith in government, police, and the courts.

Connecticut courts and 3 branches of government have fallen so low into a sewer; the nation and world should see it as an example of how low things can go.

There are heroes in the Federal, State, and local governments that have been waiting to help without fear of losing their jobs, families, and even their freedom. There have been beatings and killings. These heroes are now coming out of the woodwork to aid the victimized and to change the system for the better.

The American public has no idea about the permeation of corruption and Organized Crime in Connecticut.

If they did know the HBO program “Sopranos” would not be based in New Jersey into New York City, It would be based in Greenwich or Fairfield County of Connecticut into New York City.

There is a journalist that was fired by her editor for reporting on a corrupt lawyer in a corrupt Connecticut Court System.

She and those victimized by the Connecticut State Police after being placed on their secret “Enemies List” and by the fixing of cases behind the scenes in the backrooms of Connecticut Courthouses has gone on too long.

I would like to talk to her about that and expose her story to the Entertainment Industry. Blogger/Journalist Ken K. was the campaign manager for the Green Party Candidate for Connecticut Governor.

The Connecticut State Police then monitored Ken’s blogs and placed his picture and information on a two page memo. Ken was arrested and faces prison time for taking pictures of Connecticut Governor Rell when she was marching in a parade. Other citizens standing taking pictures at the parade were not arrested.

[click here] for more on my proposed boycott of Connecticut by the Entertainment Industry.

Michael Imperioli and Peggy Briggs Brooks

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Should lawyers be legislators? Should there actually be separation of powers and checks and balances? Should lawyers be able to legislate themselves more money, less work, no accountability, while they all live off the blood of others, including innocent children?

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Legislative Constitutional Armageddon


Anonymous said...

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Ever thought of that, hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

What does sex have to do with anything after the divorce? You sound like a caveman.

Anonymous said...

How could Miss Briggs satifsy
a gay psychopath who is a child abusor? Jim Brooks is a known
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to get two children and his trust fund and to cover up that he is a sadist and gay. His current wife Auntie M the step mother and child abuser as well.
Jim Brooks and his current wife are very greedy people who do not
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will hurt Ms. Briggs and the two children for the money that the children inherit? ..Ever think of that? Mr. Brooks is a sex S & M freak according to the court records and violent? who would want to stay with a man who kicks his own 2 year old child in the eye and mouth - has the good mother of his children drugged and battered by a dirty cop? who can satisfy that ? Charlie Manson? Its
all about the Money.. and Ms. Briggs is all about the children
ever think of that? Please say a prayer for this poor mother and her
two innocent children - ever think of that ?