Thursday, February 1, 2007

An email to a Governor:

Subject: CT Governor Rell’s Goon Squad, Feb. 1, 2007

Dear Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell:

I am posting this letter to you on

I came to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee to legislators regarding corruption and unfairness in the courts and about gross Connecticut police misconduct. Armed Goons followed me around, talked about me over their radios, stared me down, and tried to terrorize me out of the Capitol. I was afraid of being arrested for attempting to Redress Grievances to elected officials and exercise my right to Free Speech. Governor Rell does the First Amendment apply in Connecticut and are Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards part of a larger force of police that act in secret and hunt and ruin those on the “Enemies List”?

I didn’t like the heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition by teens and others drinking on my front lawn also using it as a toilet. I had gone the Connecticut State Police for help in finding who was illegally dumping trash on my properties. I was told by police that I would get a $100 per day fine until it was cleaned up. What!!!???

On 9-15-01 I wrote President George W. Bush and gave a copy of the letter to Rep. Mordasky and Sen. Guglielmo. I felt I was under siege and being punished not rewarded for having invested in downtown property and in running a small business. I felt that police and the courts were out to harm such individuals, not foster those investing and contributing to their downtown communities. I had felt Judge Jonathan Kaplan had wronged me and others in small claims and in civil matters. I was threatened with arrest by Connecticut State Police Officers if I complained to them about the drug dealing and other crimes going on and near my property. If I didn’t report crimes, and there were 3 arrests on my property, it could be taken under the nuisance statute.

I told Tony Guglielmo and Rep Mordasky’s aid Rosemarie that I intended to sue police for violating my rights and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Rosemarie, Mordasky’s aid, told me that the Police Liaison to legislators said I was going to be made toast and be retaliated on by the Connecticut State Police. That means I am on or was on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. Was I put under surveillance and investigation by police at taxpayer expense to ruin me in retaliation for my wanting fairness and justice in Connecticut’s Culture of Corruption?

Connecticut State Police Officers were actively recruiting drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves and others to help them retaliate against me. This is how they operate in other cases, such as Police Officers paying Todd Vashon $10,000 cash to kill Phil Inkel for having made a police misconduct complaint. Stephen Murzin made a police misconduct complaint because Phil Inkel was being beaten by police and two bystanders and Stephen were stabbed by David J. Taylor. Stephen Murzin woke up in the hospital with 13 stab wounds and was promptly arrested by police for breach of peace. Taylor a felon on probation, was given a free pass by a Judge in a Connecticut “Corrutikourt” and served no prison time for almost killing 3 people.

Barbara Sattal was allegedly offered $10,000 to get me to drive drunk where drugs could be planted on me and police would then beat me, and charge me with drunk driving, drug charges, and assaulting officers. They could have railroaded me to prison for decades. Is this honorable and legal behavior that police should be involved in? Should taxpayers foot the bill for a Street Gang of Armed thugs, the Connecticut State Police?

Gordon J. Frassinelli, Jr., as selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, allegedly had police stand outside town hall to keep me from speaking at an open town hall meeting, a public forum. Frassinelli of the Connecticut Department of State, allegedly alerted the Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards to ramp up their harassment of me when he pointed me out to them March 21, 2006.

I wrote Bush 9-15-01, I was assaulted 10-11-01 by a police informant on my property.

Alleged Connecticut State Police informant Brian Caldwell was threatening me with death and in cutting off my penis for 2 weeks. He told my tenants he would kill me when I got home. I was carrying pepper spray. He would even beat on my door after midnight disturbing my neighbors and tenants with his yelling of violent threats. I returned home from working a double shift got out of my van in a dark driveway and Caldwell jumped me from behind and started beating me. I feared for my life. I pepper sprayed Caldwell and Connecticut State Police Officers were immediately there to arrest only me. Caldwell continued to try and attack me and harassed me. I called Sen. Guglielmo each time Caldwell either attacked me again or tried to attack me again. Judge Jonathan Kaplan, a judge I tried to remove for two years, that also would make faces at me like a Jr. High hooligan when I sued tenants and others in civil court, presided and fixed my criminal case where he could sentence me to a year in prison, 3 years probation.

I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business before I was attacked on my property. I now have nothing and can’t even get an apartment or a job with a criminal record. My family and my whole life has been ruined.

Governor Rell are you a solution to the corruption problem or are you part of the Corrupt Official Conspiracy to retaliate against citizens that want their tax dollar’s worth and honest government?

Should victims of Connecticut corrupt officials, judges, or police have their records expunged and be compensated? Should you propose a bill to the legislature?

-Steven G. Erickson
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897

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The "Teflon Badge"

Hartford Connecticut Police Officer Robert Lawlor aka "The Teflon Badge"

Are White Officers that execute blacks in Connecticut able to get away with murder? The past policy seems to be for the prosecutor to purposely botch a criminal case involving an officer, so the racist officer skates on appeal.

Should an officer such as Lawlor, a White, shoot Blacks in the back, and then post his picture in front of a badge and an American Flag asking for donations on a website?

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