Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Anthrax Scare Cover up?

Governor Rell,

Our you for the Best Interest of the Public, or Against?

I was at the Hartford Capitol yesterday testifying in front of the Children Legislate Committee on the issues of Judicial Abuse wrecking families, the economy, and the official torturing of children with its lifelong psychological trauma. Less than a mile away my Brother-in-law was in the hospital and may never again gain consciousness, I didn’t know until just now. My sister and my Brother-in-law never dated anyone else and were very happily married. There is enough heartache and mishaps in daily family life without Official Connecticut rubbing salt in wounds and dismantling families and lives. Are you going to help citizens that have been abused by the Connecticut State Police and by the Judicial Mafia by helping families, children, official whistle blowers, and victims of the secret State Police "Enemies List" by doing something to help victims and change the system to forever "fix" the problem?

I just testified in front of the Judiciary Committee at the Capitol March 21, 2006.

I believe a Dept. of State worker that was the former selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, alerted your Capitol Guards of the Connecticut State Police to follow me around and try and terrorize me out of testifying, March 21, 2006. Frassinelli made the front page of the Journal Inquirer for trying to block my Free Speech at a town hall meeting. State Police Officers were allegedly placed outside town hall for public meetings to prevent me from entering. I had originally contacted the governor’s office about how police and judicial misconduct hurt small business and the quality of life for residents in downtown Connecticut. I did not like being harassed and threatened by Connecticut State Police for begging for protection and service to do something about the heroin and crack cocaine dealers and other criminals.

The officers were too arrogant and lazy to serve anyone other than rich suburban and/or connected Whites. I had spent 100's of thousands of dollars purchasing and fixing up boarded up properties and had built up a small business over 2 decades. For complaining to the Governor’s Office, my name was given to the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and was placed on the secret Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. On the taxpayer dime officers were following me around in pairs burning gas in multiple cars. Criminals and drug dealers were not their target, I was.

I was arrested for being mugged on my property.

The individual, a police informant, a violent substance abusing felon, was given immunity by police and the courts to terrorize me out of Connecticut. Connecticut State Police Officers told me I was kicked out of Connecticut. I was told that I was to leave Connecticut by Officer Desso, also LT of the Prison Guards that I was to leave Connecticut as he released me from prison. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan also has retaliated against others for complaining about police or judges, to break up families, make children suffer, and wreck the economy. Judges and police should not be running productive people out of the state after they are held in jails as political prisoners permanently ruining their lives.

If I am in Connecticut, I have to worry about Connecticut State Police pulling me over and beating me up or even killing me. They do this and here is an example. [click here]

I had a $2600/week after taxes job as an insurance adjuster. I was fired when they found out I was an inmate of a Connecticut prison. I am now homeless and have sleeping bags in my car.

Is this how I am supposed to live the rest of my life? After 9-11 almost all apartment rentals and employers do background checks. Everything now shows up. Potential dates will not even consider someone that has been in prison.

Judge Kaplan and Commissioner of the State Police, Arthur L. Spada broke federal and state laws retaliating against me for complaining to the Governor’s Office about Judcial and Police misconduct. What are you going to do about that?

You just nominated, John A. Danaher III a former US Attorney to be Connecticut State Police Commissioner? Danaher has family in high positions, State and Federal for generations. Somebody that is not going to cover for others of the same ilk who are involved in corruption and bilking the public is needed. A 26 year old at the time, Tomas Foral, of 15 Baldwin St., West Hartford, CT, allegedly was in possession of Anthrax stolen from Uconn at Storrs in October 2001. Why would a US Attorney allegedly cover up for this person keeping him from being prosecuted? Was there influence peddling?

Governor, there needs to be some perception of ethics in Connecticut.

I want my trial transcripts read, I want Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada arrested, I want my bogus criminal record expunged, and I want to be compensated for the years of loss, both financial and emotional for me and my family. Money can’t make up for the treason that has been committed by these officials, but it can go towards my picking up the pieces.

Connecticut should not be a rag to riches to rags story, over and over. Government should not be about the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else.

I was not able to attend a family funeral while I was being held in Connecticut as a political prisoner. Instead of going to my 20th High School Reunion with “bragging rights” to my accomplishments and road to early retirement after decades of hard work, I was in prison. My daughter cried untold tears due to Spada and Kaplan. We’ve been estranged for years now. Thank you Official Connecticut.

My parents are getting older, Governor Rell, do you want them to see that the American Dream is nothing but an absolute nightmare in Connecticut by you doing nothing?

I should not have to fear getting beaten up and arrested by police for being a political activist. I should not fear visiting my Brother-in-law in the hospital who may never regain consciousness.

Governor Rell, enough is enough, please act.

Steven G. Erickson
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897

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