Monday, February 26, 2007

Entertainment Industry Boycott of Connecticut

I think there are many actors would make a good Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland character portrayed in a movie. Rowland resigned in disgrace for taking bribes and for other illegal behavior. An actor's talents in portrayals could range to lovable to scoundrel to “Organized Crime Butt Polisher” and make Rowland’s complex and multi-textured character come to life, only a skilled actor would be up to the challenge. Rowland is known as “Johnny” to both Presidents, Bush. America needs a series of “Wake Up” movies to bring back the Constitution and fairness in the whole country.

I plan on getting attention to my screenplays about Connecticut corruption to be made into movies by even wearing a sandwich sign around me with my web address, in white underwear, wearing high heels in front of movie producer hubs if I have to. I probably won't go that far ...

I wish to get celebrities to see what is going on in Connecticut and to boycott Connecticut for making movies or any other entertainment form until Official Connecticut starts respecting Free Speech, Citizen’s Constitutional Rights, and quits harming children and families to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else.

I am in contact with various low and higher level media people in New York City and other parts of the country and I want to portray the State of Fear and human misery caused by Official, Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Attorney Misconduct. States should not be about abuse and Organized Crime running rampant. Corruption does not foster faith in government, police, and the courts.

Connecticut courts and 3 branches of government have fallen so low into a sewer; the nation and world should see it as an example of how low things can go.

There are heroes in the Federal, State, and local governments that have been waiting to help without fear of losing their jobs, families, and even their freedom. There have been beatings and killings. These heroes are now coming out of the woodwork to aid the victimized and to change the system for the better.

The American public has no idea about the permeation of corruption and Organized Crime in Connecticut.

If they did know the HBO program “Sopranos” would not be based in New Jersey into New York City, It would be based in Greenwich or Fairfield County of Connecticut into New York City.

There is a journalist that was fired by her editor for reporting on a corrupt lawyer in a corrupt Connecticut Court System.

She and those victimized by the Connecticut State Police after being placed on their secret “Enemies List” and by the fixing of cases behind the scenes in the backrooms of Connecticut Courthouses has gone on too long.

I would like to talk to her about that and expose her story to the Entertainment Industry. Blogger/Journalist Ken K. was the campaign manager for the Green Party Candidate for Connecticut Governor.

The Connecticut State Police then monitored Ken’s blogs and placed his picture and information on a two page memo. Ken was arrested and faces prison time for taking pictures of Connecticut Governor Rell when she was marching in a parade. Other citizens standing taking pictures at the parade were not arrested.

[click here] for more on my proposed boycott of Connecticut by the Entertainment Industry.

Michael Imperioli and Peggy Briggs Brooks

* * * *

Should lawyers be legislators? Should there actually be separation of powers and checks and balances? Should lawyers be able to legislate themselves more money, less work, no accountability, while they all live off the blood of others, including innocent children?

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Legislative Constitutional Armageddon

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Anthrax Scare Cover up?

Governor Rell,

Our you for the Best Interest of the Public, or Against?

I was at the Hartford Capitol yesterday testifying in front of the Children Legislate Committee on the issues of Judicial Abuse wrecking families, the economy, and the official torturing of children with its lifelong psychological trauma. Less than a mile away my Brother-in-law was in the hospital and may never again gain consciousness, I didn’t know until just now. My sister and my Brother-in-law never dated anyone else and were very happily married. There is enough heartache and mishaps in daily family life without Official Connecticut rubbing salt in wounds and dismantling families and lives. Are you going to help citizens that have been abused by the Connecticut State Police and by the Judicial Mafia by helping families, children, official whistle blowers, and victims of the secret State Police "Enemies List" by doing something to help victims and change the system to forever "fix" the problem?

I just testified in front of the Judiciary Committee at the Capitol March 21, 2006.

I believe a Dept. of State worker that was the former selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, alerted your Capitol Guards of the Connecticut State Police to follow me around and try and terrorize me out of testifying, March 21, 2006. Frassinelli made the front page of the Journal Inquirer for trying to block my Free Speech at a town hall meeting. State Police Officers were allegedly placed outside town hall for public meetings to prevent me from entering. I had originally contacted the governor’s office about how police and judicial misconduct hurt small business and the quality of life for residents in downtown Connecticut. I did not like being harassed and threatened by Connecticut State Police for begging for protection and service to do something about the heroin and crack cocaine dealers and other criminals.

The officers were too arrogant and lazy to serve anyone other than rich suburban and/or connected Whites. I had spent 100's of thousands of dollars purchasing and fixing up boarded up properties and had built up a small business over 2 decades. For complaining to the Governor’s Office, my name was given to the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and was placed on the secret Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. On the taxpayer dime officers were following me around in pairs burning gas in multiple cars. Criminals and drug dealers were not their target, I was.

I was arrested for being mugged on my property.

The individual, a police informant, a violent substance abusing felon, was given immunity by police and the courts to terrorize me out of Connecticut. Connecticut State Police Officers told me I was kicked out of Connecticut. I was told that I was to leave Connecticut by Officer Desso, also LT of the Prison Guards that I was to leave Connecticut as he released me from prison. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan also has retaliated against others for complaining about police or judges, to break up families, make children suffer, and wreck the economy. Judges and police should not be running productive people out of the state after they are held in jails as political prisoners permanently ruining their lives.

If I am in Connecticut, I have to worry about Connecticut State Police pulling me over and beating me up or even killing me. They do this and here is an example. [click here]

I had a $2600/week after taxes job as an insurance adjuster. I was fired when they found out I was an inmate of a Connecticut prison. I am now homeless and have sleeping bags in my car.

Is this how I am supposed to live the rest of my life? After 9-11 almost all apartment rentals and employers do background checks. Everything now shows up. Potential dates will not even consider someone that has been in prison.

Judge Kaplan and Commissioner of the State Police, Arthur L. Spada broke federal and state laws retaliating against me for complaining to the Governor’s Office about Judcial and Police misconduct. What are you going to do about that?

You just nominated, John A. Danaher III a former US Attorney to be Connecticut State Police Commissioner? Danaher has family in high positions, State and Federal for generations. Somebody that is not going to cover for others of the same ilk who are involved in corruption and bilking the public is needed. A 26 year old at the time, Tomas Foral, of 15 Baldwin St., West Hartford, CT, allegedly was in possession of Anthrax stolen from Uconn at Storrs in October 2001. Why would a US Attorney allegedly cover up for this person keeping him from being prosecuted? Was there influence peddling?

Governor, there needs to be some perception of ethics in Connecticut.

I want my trial transcripts read, I want Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada arrested, I want my bogus criminal record expunged, and I want to be compensated for the years of loss, both financial and emotional for me and my family. Money can’t make up for the treason that has been committed by these officials, but it can go towards my picking up the pieces.

Connecticut should not be a rag to riches to rags story, over and over. Government should not be about the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else.

I was not able to attend a family funeral while I was being held in Connecticut as a political prisoner. Instead of going to my 20th High School Reunion with “bragging rights” to my accomplishments and road to early retirement after decades of hard work, I was in prison. My daughter cried untold tears due to Spada and Kaplan. We’ve been estranged for years now. Thank you Official Connecticut.

My parents are getting older, Governor Rell, do you want them to see that the American Dream is nothing but an absolute nightmare in Connecticut by you doing nothing?

I should not have to fear getting beaten up and arrested by police for being a political activist. I should not fear visiting my Brother-in-law in the hospital who may never regain consciousness.

Governor Rell, enough is enough, please act.

Steven G. Erickson
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The "Paid Liars" Circle F---

Cops have their own gangs in Connecticut

Youths and teens are actively recruited to belong to the Police Officer “Informant Gangs”.

There is no getting out, you can only be kicked out or killed. Anyone can be terrorized out of their home, business, job, romantic interests, and into cooperating with corrupt authorities. Gang members are sent out to beat each other, or worse, at the orders of the mini-Dons, Connecticut State Police Officers.

Kidnapping kids is a State’s business. A State gets Federal Tax Dollars to do this. A state that has no real production, has to adapt to keep the money flowing. Drugs, gambling, prostitution, and all traditional “mob” activities are now part of “state” activities.

Women estranged from their Greenwich Connecticut Blue Blood Elitist husbands, beaten and terrorized by Mafia thugs, should not have to go to the local Drug Lord that tells them which FBI or US Attorney to go to, to actually get results. Reality is just plain sick. What is going on with the Stamford Connecticut PD and the Connecticut State Police in Meriden in the collusion of Police with drug lords, Organized Crime, and members of the Judiciary should be the make believe text of a "Sopranos" like screenplay or series, not reality.

You need those that can make false allegations to make things happen like clockwork in Connecticut's Culture of Corruption. Drug dealing, having a business, dating, getting married, owning a home might all be up to your local cop.

Being beaten or killed is literally in the hands of police as there is little to no accountability for "informant money" to pay informants. Judges give informants that actually get caught beating citizens on behalf of the police. A felon police informant on probation that nearly killed 3 people, stabbing one, 13 times, wasn't even violated on probation.

Lawyers often already know the outcomes of court cases. It is already decided beforehand how the “Horse and Pony” show will play out.

Judges take bribes in the forms of work being done on their houses, such as wall covering installation. Anything big or small will do. Favors are sometimes just owed and collected without even making direct reference to the exchanges.

Reigning lawyers in to actually serve their clients in an ethical and efficient way would help cure corruption in a State such as Connecticut. Legislators take note and please call for a special vote after a "Special Legislative Session Investigation of Police, Judiciary, and Attorney ethics and oversight procedures."

Elected officials need to be "unfeared" and "unmolested" by special interest groups such as the Police Unions and the "Legal Mafia" made of lawyers and judges. There needs to be separation of powers. The only difference in the free for all in the Culture of Corruption, Connecticut, is to not have elected officials ALSO practice law being paid from two branches, double dipping.

Liaisons from the police unions should not tell legislators what they can or can't do. Police should not legislate through threat and intimidation and in falsely arresting those that disagree with them using their "Secret Enemies List" to railroad citizens to be held as political prisoners. Judges should not interpret and enforce laws as they please, they are then legislating from the bench. Chief Justice William Sullivan has raped the Connecticut and US Constitutions and needs to be treated accordingly.

If a citizen complains to the Governor's staff about Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Judicial Misconduct, that citizen's name is given to the head of the Connecticut State Police. That citizen is then arrested and then faces prison or is imprisoned. It happened to me and is happening to Chris Kennedy and others.

If a citizens proposes laws to make the courts publicly accessible and fair and/or proposes Civilian Oversight of Police should the Connecticut State Police be able to follow that citizen around, threaten him or her with arrest if they do not shut up and leave the state, make them lose their children, home, job, friends, and the sum total of their life's work for them ever to get decent housing or employment, EVER AGAIN FOR LIFE!!!???

Lawyers should not legislate themselves riches without any accountability or oversight. Lawyers should not have their own “Mafia” at our expense.


Lawyers have their own Mafia and protect one another

[click here] for:

Newt G. wants "Off Button" for Free Speech

[click here] for my videos

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Subject : Legislating ethics and the US Constitution into Connecticut

February 15, 2007
To whom it may concern on the Connecticut Government Administration and Elections Committee:

Many citizens in Connecticut have no options of fair and open access in courts or to have adequate access to their elected officials to redress grievances. Undo influence and a violation of separation of powers is present in all 3 branches of Connecticut government.

Practicing lawyers have loyalty to each other, police, prosecutors, and judges before any of their constituents. A lawyer’s bottomline can be bolstered by what legislation is passed and what taxpayer money is to be appropriated. This is sleazy and unethical that a lawyer can double dip while under the wing of the Judiciary and then pretend to care about citizens and their problems while collecting another paycheck, paying themselves in all the bennies and perks possible. Lawyers should not be able to legislate themselves and their cronies in the Judiciary riches and immunity, violating ethics and the electorate they so poorly serve.

Your committee looks into Constitutional issues that can be passed onto the Federal level. I am asking for that to be done.

There is massive defrauding of taxpayers, abuse of families and children, official racketeering, profiteering, obstruction of justice, perjury, gross police prosecutorial, judicial, attorney, and official misconduct, rigging of courts, jury tampering, manufacturing and suppressing of evidence, official kidnapping, and the holding of political prisoners in Connecticut prisons.

Cameras in the courts, in interrogation rooms, in judge’s chambers, in prosecutor’s conference rooms, and facing in police cruisers with audio will reduce rape, murder, thefts, vandalism, contributing to the delinquency of minors, drug and alcohol abuse, blight, official corruption, inefficiency, nepotism, bribery, mayhem, blight, defrauding of taxpayers, judicial and police abuse of citizens, and a whole grocery list of social ills.

Retaliation against concerned and vocal citizens that want honest government and services for their hard earned tax dollars would not be so prevalent if there were sentencing impact statements available to juries. What impact would a guilty plea or judgment have on a family, the defendant(s), and society. Prison terms would not then be handed out like candy to poorer whites and minorities. After 9-11, even potential dates are doing complete background checks as part of an inexpensive online subscription. Those wrongly prosecuted can never find decent housing or employment for life. This breaks up families, harms children, and devastates the national economy. Please legislate us out of a Police State.

[click here] for Francis Knize’s proposed legislation to address some of these problems.

I built up a small business over 2 decades, worked 7 day weeks until exhausted for decades to buy boarded up rental properties for my retirement.

I spend 100's of thousands of dollars and beat my body to a pulp over years making affordable palaces and as a reward was railroaded to prison. I didn’t realize that giving comfort to Connecticut’s unwanted, possibly minorities and poorer whites was a secret violation of Connecticut’s enforced and unwritten policy of separate and unequal, the modern, Jim Crow.

I expected to get a civic award for beautifying properties, in working to get police Federal Grants, and also get federal money, the Small Cities program to beautify downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

I asked selectman John Julian of Stafford Spring, Connecticut, for help with the crack cocaine and heroin dealers that were taking over the neighborhood and vandalizing my property. Julian told me that Stafford Springs was “White Only” and I better not rent to any [racial slurs snipped] and that I better sell my properties at a loss to someone more important, one of his friends, “Or else”. I later found out drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, and common criminal parasites are police tools for collecting revenue, confiscating property and assets, and to eliminate business competition of those that have Town Hall royalty status.

I talked with police asking if I could be of assistance in helping them clean up the neighborhood of vandals. I was told if I insisted on youth crime and drug issues being dealt with by police in a “Crime Area” I would be arrested and run out of Connecticut. I went to Sen. Tony Guglielmo and former State Representative Mordasky and proposed legislation, Civilian Oversight of Police and wrote letters to the editor printed in the Journal Inquirer Connecticut newspaper.

Connecticut State Police Officers followed me around, harassed me, stalked me, and threatened me with arrest and worse if I did not shut my mouth and leave Connecticut. Rep. Mordasky’s aid told me the legislative aid from the Connecticut State Police told her that I was going to be severely retaliated against for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. I called then Governor Rowland’s office complaining about the police misconduct. I believe proposing legislation that police don’t like, lodging complaints, and writing things in newspapers that police and members of the judiciary don’t like will put you on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. You get arrested and go to prison to be held as a political prisoner.

Connecticut courts are currently rigged against whistleblowers, complainers, poorer whites, and minorities. The Connecticut Judiciary can’t even abide by Federal ADA laws for almost 2 decades!

The Prosecutorial, Attorney, Judicial, Police, and Official misconduct in my case made me lose my home, investment properties, dog, health insurance, small business built up over 2 decades, retirement, family unity and contact with my national honor society daughter, retirement, credit, and ability to get a job, have a decent place to live in my name, and have completely ruined my life, for life.

I have been homeless and not waking up in the morning is possible living in a car in freezing temperatures.

Chris Kennedy, also a law abiding, tax paying, honorable citizen complained to the Governor’s office about Connecticut State Police misconduct and the shenanigan of Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan. Kennedy had proof that Kaplan and a prosecutor had broken laws. Kennedy then faced a $500,000 bond and decades in prison on bogus charges.

Phil Inkel lodged a police misconduct complaint. Officers paid a police informant to kill Phil and were not prosecuted. [click for proof]

Steven Murzin was stabbed 13 times by a felon on probation, a police informant. 2 others were also stabbed in the melee. A judge didn’t even violate the felon on probation for 3 counts of attempted murder. [click for proof]

I think a special vote should be taken on identifying and helping victims of Connecticut DCF, Police, and Judicial misconduct. I think legislators should consider Francis Knize’s legislative proposals on Judicial Reform [click here] and abolishing Judicial Immunity. Lawyers should either give up practice or not be elected officials and adopt rules and ethics that are now on the Federal level for elected officials. Judicial impact statements would have prevented me from being railroaded to prison, wrongly being labeled a criminal for being beaten up on my own property by a police informant, and me and my family suffering for life.

There are too many victims. It is costing taxpayers too much. The abuse has gone on too long.

Please act for the people. Please do something and don’t listen to lawyers, like pedophile priests, can’t police their own flock.

Ethics in Connecticut could only be a legislative special investigation and vote away.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for more information

I am posting this open email to you on the Internet [click here for blog]

[click here] for videos including the one involving Ritt Goldstein who along with former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and fairness in the Courts to the legislative body. Ritt was so terrorized by police in Connecticut he fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden.

[click here] for my testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee and more on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List"

[click here] for pictures and post regarding ethics of the new leadership of the Connecticut State Police, Col. Davoren.

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Sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do any officials, prosecutors, police, or judges feel they have to follow any rules or laws?

Building inspectors are often the dogs sent out to help retaliate against mouthy citizens that are white and to rid areas of minorities in Connecticut's "White Only" sections.


Madison Officials Arrested

4:32 PM EST, February 14, 2007
By DAVID FUNKHOUSER, The Hartford Courant
MADISON -- The town's former building inspector and the wetlands enforcement officer turned themselves in to police Wednesday to face charges in connection with allegedly illegal inspections conducted last year.

Alfred Astorino, 70, of Northford faces three counts of violating the state building code and criminal liability for the acts of another. Police allege Astorino recruited the inland wetlands officer, Robert Kuchta, to help him perform inspections, even though Kuchta is not licensed to conduct inspections.

Kuchta, 53, of 100 Ridgewood Ave., Madison, faces three counts of violating the state building code for performing inspections without being properly licensed. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

Both men were suspended with pay in September after selectmen learned Astorino had been using Kuchta to handle some of the thousands of inspections performed by the building department each year.

Astorino retired in November after working for the town for 16 years. Kuchta received a two-week unpaid suspension and then returned to work in November. He is still on the job.

Astorino has defended the practice of using Kuchta, saying that although Kuchta was uncertified, he had the necessary knowledge to do the kinds of inspections Astorino asked him to perform.

Both men were released Wednesday on written promises to appear in Superior Court in New Haven on Feb. 27.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I found an interesting blog on lawyers:

Lincoln’s message to lawyers and litigators

AbeLincoln Abraham Lincoln will be quoted and discussed a lot today, the 198th anniversary of his birth. I thought I’d share with you a few excerpts from his Notes for a Law Lecture (July 1, 1850). Aimed at lawyers, the Lecture has good advice for pro se litigants, too. (emphases added)

  • The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence.” . . . [Perform] “the labor out of court when you have leisure, rather than in court when you have not.”
  • ”[P]eople are slow to bring [a lawyer] business if he cannot make a speech. And yet there is not a more fatal error to young lawyers than relying too much on speech-making. If any one, upon his rare powers of speaking, shall claim an exemption from the drudgery of the law, his case is a failure in advance.”
  • Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this. . . . A moral tone ought to be infused into the profession which should drive such men out of it.”
  • pennySThe matter of fees is important, far beyond the mere question of bread and butter involved. Properly attended to, fuller justice is done to both lawyer and client. An exorbitant fee should never be claimed. As a general rule never take your whole fee in advance, nor any more than a small retainer. When fully paid beforehand, you are more than a common mortal if you can feel the same interest in the case, as if something was still in prospect for you, as well as for your client. And when you lack interest in the case the job will very likely lack skill and diligence in the performance.”
  • There is a vague popular belief that lawyers are necessarily dishonest. I say vague, because when we consider to what extent confidence and honors are reposed in and conferred upon lawyers by the people, it appears improbable that their impression of dishonesty is very distinct and vivid. Yet the impression is common, almost universal. Let no young man choosing the law for a calling for a moment yield to the popular belief — resolve to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. Choose some other occupation, rather than one in the choosing of which you do, in advance, consent to be a knave.”

pennyS You can learn more about Abraham Lincoln’s lawyering (including what kind of fees he charged) at f/k/a, in the posting A Lincolnesque Law Practice? And see, Lawyer Lincoln Was a Bargain

* * * *

Identify Citizen Abuse

and then do something about it.

[click here] for Stark Raving Viking videos

[click here] for the text of letter sent to 187 elected officials mailed out this past Saturday:

Fixing Ethics in Courts and Police through Legislative Action

To All CT Legislators: Lawyers in Elected Office is Completely Unethical (02-10-2007)

[click here] for the open email sent to elected officials sent out Jan. 31, 2007, where legislators are being critical of "elected liars" or should I say "practicing attorneys" also working in the legislative branch for the people, live on Connecticut Government Television CT-N. Lawyers should not be able to double dip in two branches of government when there is supposed to be separation of powers. The lack of ethics in Connecticut and some other states is just plain amazing.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Would a tree collapse into itself if burned in one spot intensely?

Hell no!

And, neither do steel I-beam buildings. If a structure has held extreme weight that is was designed to carry for 3 decades plus, would it all just give in equally collapsing into itself? Would another identical building? The structure, like a tree, should have fallen off to a side, almost intact crashing into other building and onto the ground. The video footage to those that are experts are probably in disbelief that it took so long for the populace to start to even connect the dots. Are We the People going to sit idly by as the “Master Plan” goes into the “End Game”?

The twin towers at the WTC were hit up high enough that the buildings should have collapsed to the side if the structure on the side was compromised. One building falling into itself like a controlled demolition can be explained. But 3 building going down like they were professionally take down by demolition specialists looks suspicious to too many.

Even if you don’t believe Bush was involved in a conspiracy to get every item on Bush Co.’s wish list, do you believe that Bush is callous and uncaring enough to allow such a thing? Would someone that thinks torture is okay and most humans are inferior to his lot be able to be so uncaring? Extreme abuse of alcohol and or drugs can rewire a person. If that person is a psychopath or sociopath BEFORE the substance abuse the uncaring traits are only magnified.

Before 9-11, I heard a number of racists talk about something needing to be done to keep those that thought they should be in power, in power. With birthrates of certain ethnic backgrounds increasing, the writing has been on the wall, that there would be a woman and/or a non-White in the oval office and in the power majority. Town Hall policies to keep minorities and poorer whites out of the better jobs, homes, and out of being represented have worked a long time as a short term patch. Something had to happen now, or a woman or an African American will be in the Oval Office next term.

Will Bush allow an election in 2008 and relinquish power to those that have the evidence to put him and his cronies behind bars?

Whether or not one of the Elistists in this video [Click Here] is being accurate or not on the preplanned Bush and Co. agenda, it does make you think.

Click Here for

* * * *

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population

Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who ... all » personally told him that the elite's ultimate goal was to create a microchipped population and that the war on terror was a hoax, Rockefeller having predicted an "event" that would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11.

Rockefeller also told Russo that his family's foundation had created and bankrolled the women's liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

An Email sent to Governor Rell of Connecticut:

Governor Rell,
I’ve read the Hartford Courant story about you offering $500,000 to a Mr. Tillman for having been wrongly convicted. What about doing something about the cause of wrongful convictions and compensate all victims, not just one?

The Connecticut State Police have or had their “100 Club” where they would falsely arrest those that were not actually drunk for DUIs to make the “100 Club”. False arrests do lead to false imprisonment. If these officers are capable of that, they are capable of manufacturing evidence, suppressing evidence, committing perjury, and in further retaliating against their victims.

The New York State Police Internal Affairs gave the Connecticut State Police straight F’s for quality and honesty. Please click here for my post on Col. Davoren that is the new head of the Connecticut State Police. I asked Davoren why it was ok with him that citizens that want Civilian Oversight of Police should be arrested and targeted by police for false arrests and prison.

Davoren told me in a phone conversation that his number one job is to “Protect the Integrity of the System”, nothing about fairness and actually protecting and serving the public. So, should an old guard of retaliating against whistle blowers and accountability of officials be the head of an organization that should be law enforcement, not an armed street gang of thugs? For ethics and economic reasons should the old style shenanigans of the Connecticut State Police be ended?

Joe Courtney was recently sworn in as Congressman in Rockville Court in Connecticut. Attorney General Blumenthal had Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and made the remark that he did not trust either that Judge or Judges behind his back. That is for good reason Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan has gotten way out of hand as he feels he is invisible to do as he please and might take sick pleasure in retaliating against those that go against him and his big, huge, purple, and swollen, ego.

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and Courts that act in the public’s best interest. He was so abused by Connecticut Police he fled to Sweden to seek political asylum.

I advocated the same thing and I was followed around by police, threatened, and ended up falsely arrested and put in prison based on Connecticut State Police perjury and abuse. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan abused his discretion in even sitting on my case as I had been approaching legislators and others in removing Kaplan based on his bias in Small Claims and Civil Cases.

Should judges and police be able to fraudulently spend taxpayers money for retaliation and citizen abuse that hurts Connecticut’s reputation, economy, children, and families?

There is supposed to be separation of powers, but if practicing lawyers that are elected officials will kiss the butts of judges for later favors, where is justice, where is the public being represented, and where is separation of powers.

The Tillman is the right first step, what about looking into remedying my case and others by expunging bogus criminal records and compensating victims, why not legislate or enact laws where there is a separate forum to expunge records and compensate victims, the courts run by Justices like William J. Sullivan are a free for all of abuse, pissing on the US Constitution, and in legislating and abusing from the bench.

I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business that I built over 2 decades. I can’t even get a job or an apartment in my name. Should I suffer the rest of my life because the Connecticut Courts aren’t fair and the police in Connecticut can ruin citizens on their “Enemies List” for fun?

Please consider having Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan impeached and prosecuted and in prosecuting Col. Davoren.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897 203 544 9603

Will the Connecticut Legislators do anything to help victims of police misconduct, legal abuse, and official corruption?

[click here] for my Jan. 31, 2007, open email to Connecticut Legislators on the Public Safety Committee.

Todd Vashon talks about taking &10,000 cash from police to kill a citizen that had lodged a police misconduct complaint against them:

Phil Inkel speaks in front of the Connecticut Legislature:

Ritt Goldstein sought political asylum soon after giving this speech in front of the Connecticut Legislature:

Although this video looks like the one above from the screen, it is not.

Can Connecticut State Police get away with raping women?:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

From MassNews.Com:

Father Sues Court Officials in Federal Court for Kidnapping Son

Zed McLarnon Still Trying To Find Justice in Mass.

Full Text of Zed McLarnon 'Complaint' in Federal Court

By Ed Oliver
June 17, 2002

Edward S. (Zed) McLarnon has filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Boston against several judges, court clerks and other court officials, claiming they have violated his due process rights as guaranteed under the U. S. Constitution.

MassNews covered McLarnon's case in the December 2000 issue, and followed up occasionally as he has failed to get relief in the Massachusetts Courts.

After McLarnon's lawsuit was filed last Friday, his attorney, Gregory Hession, Belchertown, told MassNews:

"The underlying case is about a restraining order obtained by his wife on provable false allegations, as so many are in the Middlesex Probate and Family Court, where court personnel have severely edited many official audio tapes of court proceedings to remove damaging evidence.


Middlesex County Court Charged With Corruption
Father Proves That Court Tapes Were Altered
It's Possible To Tamper With Tapes In Middlesex Probate Court
Social Workers Discredit Court's Report; Give Startling Admissions
SJC Justice Upset With Problems in Probate Court, But Tells Father To Complain to Chief of Probate Court First
Another Father Was Punished For Doing What Judge Langlois Suggested
State of Massachusetts is Main Impediment to Justice
Attorney Dedicated To "Justice For All"

"They have falsified the official court record of documents filed, removed and added key reports and documents from the case file and refused to even provide a hearing on the merits of the case for over seven years.

"There is no reasonable right of appeal because the record is tainted. Any appeal would be on the false record. When these officials and judges were presented with irrefutable scientific evidence that the tapes were edited and the files were vacuumed, they did nothing. We have gone to the Register of Probate, the Chief Justice of the Probate Court, even the Supreme Judicial Court.

"Not one of these courts or administrators has denied or refuted a single fact in our complaint. They have simply refused to act, passed it on to someone else or just avoided it altogether.

"The United States Constitution guarantees that each state will provide its inhabitants with due process of law, meaning an honest court system, a fair and accurate record and an opportunity to be heard. The Massachusetts Courts have miserably failed to give Mr. McLarnon his rights, and politically connected insiders have deliberately conspired to kidnap his son using this crooked and corrupt system. They must be held accountable for the harm they have done to this family."

What "Free Society"?

The Connecticut State Police "Goon Sqaud", enforcers of the "Secret Enemies List"

Barbara D. Sattal, did she refer to LT Davoren, formerly the head honcho over at Connecticut State Police, Troop C, as "Dad"? Sattal was allegedly offered $10,000 to set me up for an arrest. The original plan was for her to get me to drink alcohol, drive her Chevrolet Blazer to my house where I would be pulled over, beaten, and then charged with DUI, assaulting officers, drug possession (as drugs would be planted), resisting arrest, etc. [click here] for post.

Davoren is now a Colonel in the Connecticut State Police. [Click Here] for more.

It seems that Connecticut Judges and the Connecticut State Police Officers that are involved in retaliation and Unconstitutional activities are on the fast track for promotions and advancement. Those that want quality and ethics within the system seem to face an intense barbecue.

What is up with that?

Could it be that there are an overabundance of practicing lawyers that are elected officials in Connecticut? The Connecticut attorneys have a real ethics scandal of their own stealing from clients, not doing their jobs for clients etc.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

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If you are out protesting or complaining about Connecticut Police Misconduct, is this the goon squad that is out to get your photo and name for the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" where you are a click away from having your life ruined?

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Photos courtesy of The Falcon

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Stalker with a Badge?

Plainfield Police Chief Gary Sousa

`It Is Absolutely Shocking'

Plainfield Police Chief Of 25 Years Accused Of Sexual Harassment In Internal Affairs Report

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Connecticut State Police were given Straight F's by the New York State Police Internal Affairs

in a special investigation. So, Governor M. Jodi Rell, is yet again, rewarding bad, official, and corrupt behavior?

Should the Connecticut State Police be abolished? There should only be a Connecticut Highway Patrol. Towns and cities should have actual police, their own. There would then be more protection and service and far less abuse of the public by police.

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Rell Plan Would Redeploy Troopers
February 4, 2007
By PETER MARTEKA, Courant Staff Writer

Gov. M. Jodi Rell wants more state troopers and a change in the way highway weigh stations operate.

On Saturday, Rell announced that her state budget proposal, scheduled to be released Wednesday, will include funding for three new classes of Connecticut State Police - two in the first fiscal year and one in the second. The plan also calls for reassigning dozens of troopers from various departments and returning them to their traditional role of safeguarding state highways.

Rell's budget calls for two trooper classes, one in 2008 and another in 2009, to maintain the required strength of 1,248 sworn troopers. Since Rell took office in 2004, there have been three graduating classes.

A total of 34 experienced state troopers would be reassigned, including 13 of the 16 troopers taken from the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in the Terrorism Prevention Unit. The vacancies would be filled with 12 homeland security professionals. Three troopers would remain to work with the new Terrorism Prevention Unit.

Rell's plan also calls for making the truck weigh stations the lone responsibility of the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Currently, the DMV and Department of Public Safety operate the stations. Under that plan, Rell said 21 more experienced state troopers could be redeployed to traditional duties.

With the DMV in charge of the weigh stations, Rell is also calling for an expansion of hours the stations in Danbury, Greenwich, Middletown, Union and Waterford operate.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

A suggested post emailed into me from PJ Snyder:

PJ's info:
Watchdog for Public Official Predators
houndin' the Cult of corruption, cowards & commies

This is not fair or accurate coverage by the reporter here....because the real culprits behind the scene are NOT mentioned, and one of them is even a Commissioner on the panel for the disciplinary hearing...
the reporter knows this also.

Contact me for details...

[tel. snipped]


Three State Marshals Face Hearings

Men Could Lose Their Licenses Over Civilians' Alleged Participation in Deadbeat Dad Sweep

Courant Staff Writer

January 28 2007

Three state marshals are facing disciplinary hearings following an investigation into a sweep of suspected deadbeat dads in Waterbury last October in which two civilians participated.

The State Marshal Commission voted last week to refer charges against John Barbieri, Brian Hobart and Jon Gallup to a three-panel committee to hold a full hearing that could result in the men's losing their licenses or being fined.

Barbieri, who organized the Oct. 21 sweep, is facing three allegations, including using his powers to allow a civilian, Michael Brown, to participate in the sweep and then to sign vouchers and get paid for serving legal documents known as capiases.

Gallup is facing charges of carrying a gun on the sweep, even though he was not properly certified. Hobart, who was not involved in the October raid, is facing charges that he had previously served capiases with Brown and approved payments to him.

The commission voted unanimously that probable cause existed to refer the allegations to the commission's oversight committee, State Marshal Commission Chairman Dennis Kerrigan said.

"They will now get a full hearing in front of that committee," he said.

Brown was one of 14 applicants who had been approved to have a criminal and financial background check done - the final step before becoming a state marshal.

The commission has put his application on hold pending the outcome of the investigation.

The marshal commission started investigating after The Courant reported that two civilians, Michael Brown and Raymond Brown, had gone on the sweep.

The investigation, conducted by board member William Cote and legal counsel Betty Collins, included interviews with all five of the marshals involved in the sweep as well as both Browns. It concluded that neither Michael Brown nor Raymond Brown, who are related, was carrying a gun or marshal badge.

Raymond Brown has denied any wrongdoing and said he stayed in the car during the raids. He has said he went along to make sure the marshals got the right houses. He did not sign any capiases or participate in any arrests, the investigation found.

Michael Brown accompanied Barbieri on 13 cases and eventually signed vouchers to get paid $240 for each capias served. On 12 of the vouchers, Michael Brown signed as an "indifferent person" and on one voucher he signed as a state marshal.

Both Browns may have been wearing jackets with "State Marshals" written on them on the front and back, the commission's investigative report indicates.

Some of the marshals who participated said they saw Michael Brown in the holding area at the police station removing handcuffs from at least one of the suspected deadbeat dads, according to the report.

In his defense Michael Brown said he was accompanying Barbieri as an "administrative assistant" and at no time did anything illegal. Michael Brown did say he removed handcuffs from one man.

"I was at no time trying to identify myself as a state marshal," Michael Brown told investigators. "The purpose of my being with Marshal Barbieri is that I am very familiar with the people and the streets of Waterbury and therefore I can assist in making positive identifications."

Barbieri acknowledged that Michael Brown accompanied him to the door when he served the capiases. Barbieri, citing state statutes, said that Michael Brown was acting as his administrative assistant and also as an "indifferent person" and therefore was eligible to assist him.

Under state statutes an indifferent person can serve some legal papers, such as eviction notices.

But both the state attorney general's office and the judicial department, which authorizes payment for serving the civil processes in child support enforcement proceedings, have determined an indifferent person cannot serve capiases.

Since 2004, Michael Brown has been paid to serve legal papers on 134 suspected deadbeat dads, according to judicial branch records.

There are 24 more requests for payment that judicial officials have notified Brown will not be paid. Overall the state has paid him $25,720 since 2004, records show.

Brown is not the only person who has submitted requests for payment for serving such warrants under the designation of an indifferent person. In the past two years, the judicial branch has paid 111 bills submitted by indifferent persons, although the majority of them - 87 bills - belonged to Brown, records show.

Judicial officials have met with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to discuss whether the state can seek restitution from Michael Brown for the money already paid to him.

They also are discussing their legal options if one or more of the suspected deadbeat dads rounded up by Michael Brown over the past three years takes legal action against the department on grounds that they were unlawfully jailed because they were served the papers illegally.

Contact Dave Altimari at
Copyright 2007, Hartford Courant

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Stephen Colbert's "So, You're Living in a Police State!":

Obvious Connecticut Judicial Misconduct


Son's DUI transfer raises inquiry
Case moved to father's court

Article Last Updated: 02/03/2007 12:33:43 AM EST

BRIDGEPORT — Court officials are investigating how the drunken driving case of a judge's son was transferred to his father's court in Derby.

"The judicial branch did contact us, and the material they sent us we are reviewing and will take appropriate action on," said Mark Dupuis, spokesman for the Chief State's Attorney's Office.

On Dec. 11, Joseph H. Sylvester Jr., 49, of Meadow Street in Ansonia, was arrested by Bridgeport police and charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. He is the son of Superior Court Judge Joseph Sylvester. The case was pending in the Superior Court at Golden Hill Street when, sometime this week, it was transferred to Derby Superior Court, where Sylvester has been the long-time presiding judge, judicial branch officials confirmed.

Chief Court Administrator William J. Lavery, in a written statement, said he learned Thursday afternoon about the transfer and had the case moved back "to Bridgeport Court where it belongs." Lavery said he then contacted the state's attorneys in Bridgeport and Milford and later Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane.

Judicial branch spokeswoman Melissa Farley said an investigation of the case transfer is under way. She would not comment on whether any action will be taken against the elder Sylvester.

Court sources said the case was transferred from Bridgeport to Derby at the request of a prosecutor in the Milford State's Attorney's Office, which oversees the prosecution of criminal cases in Derby.

"I have been made aware of this situation and it is being looked into," said Milford State's Attorney Kevin Lawlor.

Court officials said criminal cases are sometimes transferred from one jurisdiction to another if the defendant has other cases pending in the other jurisdiction. But a review of court records showed that Joseph H. Sylvester has no other pending cases.

Judge Joseph Sylvester, who was appointed to the Superior Court in 1978, was unavailable for comment Friday.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Judicial Impeachment

Justices pick apart laws passed by legislators and Justices aren't elected.

Justices should be able to be subpoenaed by legislators to appear to testify at legislative sessions in the Congress and US Senate, not just for impeachment proceedings. There should be similar laws for states to abolish Judicial Immunity. Judges aren't elected and wreck a Representative form of Government if they are immune from prosecution. Legislators should use their Judicial Impeachment powers far more often. We the People want our country back. Judges need to be "Americanized" in America. [click here for Francis Knize proposed Federal Bill, the state version, to remedy the problem]

Lawyers that are also elected officials skew the system. They are cheerleaders and are being paid under the wing of the Judicial Branch. There is supposed to separation of powers so it is Unconstitutional for practicing attorneys from also holding elected offices within the Legislative Branch. Practicing Attorneys know if they exercise their Free Speech rights and are critical of judges they can be disbarred, arrested, held in contempt of court, jailed, and maybe never work again. Ask former Connecticut Attorney James "Jim" Brewer about how he actually defended his clients against the wishes of corrupt Connecticut Judges and Prosecutors. He defended good cops against bad ones. Jim got barbecued "officially"

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

My email:

Note: if any of you have complaints regarding Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court, I would like to talk to you about joining me in an effort to proposition the legislative body in Connecticut to impeach Kaplan.

Judicial Abuse

Judges have more power to abuse more people and decide more financial issues than did Kings in Medieval times.

Kings have no oversight, and neither do modern judges in America. They can do as they please. We do not have a representative government in America if Judges are not accountable for their actions.

If a doctor cuts off the wrong leg on a patient he or she could face criminal and civil penalties.

If a citizens steals a candy bar from a candy store. It could technically land the citizen in jail.

Judge do the equivalent of cutting off massive amounts of legs, poking out eyes, and causing mass mayhem.

I would have rather had Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan Kaplan use a dirty saw and cut off my leg without anesthesia than to have what he did to me in retaliation for having him removed for bias in civil cases, for what I wrote in newspapers critical of police and the Connecticut Judiciary, for wanting to sue the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights, and for proposing legislation to elected officials such as fairness in the courts and Civilian Oversight of Police.

I ask Connecticut Governor Rell if she is part of the solution or part of the problem. Click Here for my email to her.

Should citizens that are victims of official corruption have their bogus criminal records expunged and should they be compensated? Click Here for more.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

An email to a Governor:

Subject: CT Governor Rell’s Goon Squad, Feb. 1, 2007

Dear Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell:

I am posting this letter to you on

I came to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee to legislators regarding corruption and unfairness in the courts and about gross Connecticut police misconduct. Armed Goons followed me around, talked about me over their radios, stared me down, and tried to terrorize me out of the Capitol. I was afraid of being arrested for attempting to Redress Grievances to elected officials and exercise my right to Free Speech. Governor Rell does the First Amendment apply in Connecticut and are Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards part of a larger force of police that act in secret and hunt and ruin those on the “Enemies List”?

I didn’t like the heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition by teens and others drinking on my front lawn also using it as a toilet. I had gone the Connecticut State Police for help in finding who was illegally dumping trash on my properties. I was told by police that I would get a $100 per day fine until it was cleaned up. What!!!???

On 9-15-01 I wrote President George W. Bush and gave a copy of the letter to Rep. Mordasky and Sen. Guglielmo. I felt I was under siege and being punished not rewarded for having invested in downtown property and in running a small business. I felt that police and the courts were out to harm such individuals, not foster those investing and contributing to their downtown communities. I had felt Judge Jonathan Kaplan had wronged me and others in small claims and in civil matters. I was threatened with arrest by Connecticut State Police Officers if I complained to them about the drug dealing and other crimes going on and near my property. If I didn’t report crimes, and there were 3 arrests on my property, it could be taken under the nuisance statute.

I told Tony Guglielmo and Rep Mordasky’s aid Rosemarie that I intended to sue police for violating my rights and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Rosemarie, Mordasky’s aid, told me that the Police Liaison to legislators said I was going to be made toast and be retaliated on by the Connecticut State Police. That means I am on or was on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. Was I put under surveillance and investigation by police at taxpayer expense to ruin me in retaliation for my wanting fairness and justice in Connecticut’s Culture of Corruption?

Connecticut State Police Officers were actively recruiting drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves and others to help them retaliate against me. This is how they operate in other cases, such as Police Officers paying Todd Vashon $10,000 cash to kill Phil Inkel for having made a police misconduct complaint. Stephen Murzin made a police misconduct complaint because Phil Inkel was being beaten by police and two bystanders and Stephen were stabbed by David J. Taylor. Stephen Murzin woke up in the hospital with 13 stab wounds and was promptly arrested by police for breach of peace. Taylor a felon on probation, was given a free pass by a Judge in a Connecticut “Corrutikourt” and served no prison time for almost killing 3 people.

Barbara Sattal was allegedly offered $10,000 to get me to drive drunk where drugs could be planted on me and police would then beat me, and charge me with drunk driving, drug charges, and assaulting officers. They could have railroaded me to prison for decades. Is this honorable and legal behavior that police should be involved in? Should taxpayers foot the bill for a Street Gang of Armed thugs, the Connecticut State Police?

Gordon J. Frassinelli, Jr., as selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, allegedly had police stand outside town hall to keep me from speaking at an open town hall meeting, a public forum. Frassinelli of the Connecticut Department of State, allegedly alerted the Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards to ramp up their harassment of me when he pointed me out to them March 21, 2006.

I wrote Bush 9-15-01, I was assaulted 10-11-01 by a police informant on my property.

Alleged Connecticut State Police informant Brian Caldwell was threatening me with death and in cutting off my penis for 2 weeks. He told my tenants he would kill me when I got home. I was carrying pepper spray. He would even beat on my door after midnight disturbing my neighbors and tenants with his yelling of violent threats. I returned home from working a double shift got out of my van in a dark driveway and Caldwell jumped me from behind and started beating me. I feared for my life. I pepper sprayed Caldwell and Connecticut State Police Officers were immediately there to arrest only me. Caldwell continued to try and attack me and harassed me. I called Sen. Guglielmo each time Caldwell either attacked me again or tried to attack me again. Judge Jonathan Kaplan, a judge I tried to remove for two years, that also would make faces at me like a Jr. High hooligan when I sued tenants and others in civil court, presided and fixed my criminal case where he could sentence me to a year in prison, 3 years probation.

I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business before I was attacked on my property. I now have nothing and can’t even get an apartment or a job with a criminal record. My family and my whole life has been ruined.

Governor Rell are you a solution to the corruption problem or are you part of the Corrupt Official Conspiracy to retaliate against citizens that want their tax dollar’s worth and honest government?

Should victims of Connecticut corrupt officials, judges, or police have their records expunged and be compensated? Should you propose a bill to the legislature?

-Steven G. Erickson
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897

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The "Teflon Badge"

Hartford Connecticut Police Officer Robert Lawlor aka "The Teflon Badge"

Are White Officers that execute blacks in Connecticut able to get away with murder? The past policy seems to be for the prosecutor to purposely botch a criminal case involving an officer, so the racist officer skates on appeal.

Should an officer such as Lawlor, a White, shoot Blacks in the back, and then post his picture in front of a badge and an American Flag asking for donations on a website?

Click Here for more