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Legislating a solution to a Police State?

To whom it may concern on the Connecticut Legislative Public Safety Committee,

January 31, 2007

I am posting this open letter to you on

It has come to my attention there were hearings yesterday on increasing the budget and hiring more Connecticut State Police.

Didn’t the Connecticut State Police get straight, across the board F’s, from the New York State Police Internal Affairs in a 168 page report? Why then, without any real changes, do they have the audacity to ask for more money and manpower?

There should be no practicing lawyers as elected officials, especially on the Public Safety and Judiciary Committee. Lawyers make more money with more police, more arrests, more kids being taken away, more trials, more unfairness, bureaucracy, social unrest, racism, and misery. Do these elected officials of the Legislative Branch violate separations of powers rules by being cheerleaders of the Judicial Branch, taking pay from that system, while also being paid as Legislators? If they are, they aren’t serving the people. There is the ethics problem in Connecticut in a nutshell.

If a lawyer in Connecticut goes against other lawyers, prosecutors, police, or especially judges, that lawyer can be disbarred, arrested, and facing prison. Why then would lawyers break ranks, especially those holding elected office?

If a citizen writes a letter to the Governor of Connecticut about the Connecticut State Police or the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police, the citizen complaint is passed on to that Police Commissioner with the citizen’s name and address. That citizen is placed on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List” and police are out to arrest and cause that citizen to go to prison.

There have been thousands on that list, activist Kenneth Krayeske has probably gotten the most press. When is something going to be done about this Un-American Un-Constitutional abuse?

If a citizen proposes a law to elected officials regarding police, a liaison from the police tells legislators what they can and can’t do. What!!!???

That citizen if he or she is complaining to legislators, “Redressing Grievances”, that citizen is placed on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. Write something in the newspaper critical of police, end up on the list.

Is the Connecticut State Police a Political Group with armed thugs enforcing their agenda? Is Connecticut under siege?

The Connecticut State Police target minorities and poorer whites. The racial breakdown of the Connecticut State Police seems to be disproportionately White and Male.

Rapes and other crimes go un-investigated. Police in Connecticut can be rude and threatening to those calling in for protection and service. Get mouthy about it, be placed on the list.

There are countless false arrests and victims of false imprisonment. If a citizen gets a criminal record, especially post 9-11, they may never get a decent job or apartment in their name for the rest of their lives. Separate and Unequal, and the “New Jim Crow”, is that what Connecticut should be about?

There needs to be investigations of cases of abuse by the LEGISLATURE, where victims are identified, their records expunged, and they are compensated. I would like to propose this legislation. Bribes, payoffs, and knowing someone can make a criminal record or traffic violations “disappear”, deleted. Why shouldn’t honest citizens be able to go to honest government for the same service without the bribing and hobnobbing?

For contacting Governor John G. Rowland about Connecticut State Police Misconduct, I was placed on the list and taken down. I went to a corrupt governor about corruption and then I get fried.

I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business built up over 2 decades. I now have nothing. Corruption in Connecticut has countless victims. The children suffer for their entire lives. The economy suffers and ALL national Federal Taxpayers are funding the Connecticut Fraud.

I was arrested and convicted for resisting the beating I was taking on my own property. I am the victim of an attempted strong arm robbery, a mugging. The individual was threatening and stalking me for weeks, I couldn’t go to the police as they encourage stalking, harassing, and assaulting of those on their “Enemies List”.

The individual continued to stalk and harass me after the initial assault. He even assaulted me again in a crowed restaurant. Police were right there to arrest me when I was attacked on my property and would take hours or not even come if I made a complaint. Police refused to take my complaint and then perjured themselves in court. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan abused his discretion in taking my case and then in sentencing me to a year in prison, 3 years probation for being the victim of a strong arm robbery forced to defend myself. I had tried to have Kaplan removed for bias in civil cases BEFORE the bogus criminal case against me.

I gave Connecticut State Senator Tony Guglielmo a 4 page list, about a paragraph each of criminals that I had tipped the Connecticut State Police about. None were followed up on which included the perpetrators of rape, drug dealers, prostitutes, stolen gun traffickers, vandals, thieves, and other common criminal parasites. The police in Connecticut prefer to go after honest, productive, taxpaying citizens if they need protection and service. Police can be too lazy and arrogant to actually protect and serve. The police are in control of the money paid them and their agenda. Those policies make all the abuse, business as usual. Imagine if any worker could decide their workload and duties, no boss, and if someone complained they end up in prison.

I applied for and probably got Federal Grants for the Connecticut State Police when they said they had not enough money and manpower to address downtown crime. I looked into getting Stafford Springs, Connecticut, grant money from the Small Cities program, which they probably got with my efforts.

My thanks was prison and the destruction of my family and losing everything I had ever worked for.

I used to own a home. I may never again. My dog was given away when I was in prison. My daughter has barely talked to me in 5 years, all for what? We had a close relationship before my false arrest and imprisonment? .

Legislators, should citizens continue to suffer and be abused by police and the rubberstamp courts in Connecticut? Should Families? Should Children?

I wish to propose legislation for Civilian Oversight of Police and to abolish Judicial Immunity for prosecutors and judges.

Please review docket # CR01-0074672. Is this clear evidence of retaliation? No one will fix it and the courts are unfair in Connecticut.

Please look into the Police Misconduct Complaints that I have lodged. Were they honestly investigated?

Should I never be able to get a decent job or a place to live in my name, ever again? Please legislate to remedy cases such as mine AND compensate victims as police and the courts certainly won't on their own.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter to you.

Steven G. Erickson,
c/o Francis C. P. Knize: 50 Sunset Pass, Wilton, Ct. 06897

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